Stainless Perfect Murder


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released December 1, 2008



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If you're searching for brutal and aggressive metal, you've met your match with INCARNATION. Combining elements of hardcore, thrash, and extreme metal - INCARNATION has steadily become one of the leading lights in Malaysian heavy metal.

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Track Name: The Arrival
We all speak different voices
Yet we have the same mind
Fear not the resistance
Leave the plague behind

We are the ammunition
Shooting that shadows a fool
Screaming for one starvation
We pledge...You too

Broken hopes and shattered dreams
Blessings to all of you
Mercy unto you

Witness my power
Brothers in arms
Through vain assault
Let's rock and rot

I came, I saw, I conquer
Track Name: Prey
A light of storm
The power of endless day
Gone thru the night..Dreaming..Can change away

A shadow of sorrow
Pulls all the strength today
The cruel of evil
Be a prey to fear

To fear...Prey to fear

The judgement...Purify
But a struggle has a downfall
A doom...Has waiting...Be prey to

Fear lead me again
Fear tears to me to pray

Fear of the fearless
Fear of the hopeless

Fear lead me again
Fear tears to me to pray
Fear of the fearless
Fear of the hopeless
Track Name: The Illusionist
Illusion passed as you close your eyes
Frantic moments had seduced you
Incoherent with these feelings you struggle
Limping as you forgotten who you are

Will you bring me into your final illusion?
Will you take my hand as your final solution?

Wandering around in the unknown places
Trap inside these depths of madness
In search for the light of freedom
Carving your way towards your sanity

I'll fly you, if you swear to me
Your allegiance and devotion
I will take you to an eternal place
Where reality serves you well

Breathe me your trust
Thrust me with your love
I'll defy your doom and madness
Behold, our hearts on fire

Let's put an end to this dream
I'll show you the path to what's real
Face the fear within you
And the light will appear upon you
Track Name: In Last Bleed
I'm bleeding inside
I'm falling and I collapsed
I'm choking my breath
I'm dying and I'm abandoned

Bury me and leave me alone
I'll erase you from this suffering
I'll bleed myself and watch you fall
I'll bleed myself and watch you fall

Watch me bleeding
Watch me choking
Watch me dying
Watch me burying myself
Track Name: You Know I'm Wicked
Wake up and smell the fear now.

Through this silence, into the darkest night
Will you ever breathe the morning mist again?
Can't bear this fear within you
Revenge is dwelled upon you

I will break down the wall
With my fist, I shall bring deliverance

You're reaching at the edge
Can't hold much longer
She's facing towards you
With her cold black eye

So face it
You're gonna meet your doom tonight
Say goodbye

I will break down the wall
With my fist, I shall bring deliverance
Track Name: Rise and Fall
At last I am myself
At the last spine I stood on
Thank you for this pleasure
I will wait for another

Rise and fall
With the fallen

I desire this feeling
The situation that long gone
Full of impact on a crowded people
Where that song finally begins

Rise and fall....

On a crowded people
The seas of sweat
The heat it brings
The smell, the lights

To satisfy my hunger
To stand with you
Our heart is true
Track Name: Deranged of Silence
Don't look back coz there's nothing left in the past
But you can't rectify this senseless
Which is right at your path
For what time seems so ever fast
Revelation won't be forever last

As you are finding the answer
Time just like a leech
Draining your soul to the very last
Could you redeem all the truth (that you had forgotten)
Such a moment of savior, grand majestic demise
Of your demise

Under pressure, contradiction is what you're breathing
Ever wonder how you gonna end this show?
Failure is now your absolute perception
Can't you ever make it now?
Would you ever make it now?

Now can't you understand
What will be your end?
Deranged of silence, is at the very end
Now will you understand
As things will end
Deranged of silence, will be your very end
Track Name: Forgiveness
Forever...I regret
It seems there's no forgiveness for me
The forgiveness that I seek has turned to ashes
It falls and disappears

I cry and I'm wispering
My forgiveness to you

Will you lend me your hand?
And lead me to my forgiveness
Will you lend me your wings
And fly me to seek my forgiveness

My forgiveness

I'll try to seek my forgiveness
I'm begging for my forgiveness
And now it's in your hands
Track Name: Obligate
Break this down

Promises...I've heard lies in the air what I received in the end what you need to be done
Rectify...there are things to be undone

Sacrifice is what I shall see
Or I shall live in vain
This battle will be eternity

Fighting for what you had promised to me
Believing to see the sun shines again