Killer Persistence


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released December 9, 2014



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If you're searching for brutal and aggressive metal, you've met your match with INCARNATION. Combining elements of hardcore, thrash, and extreme metal - INCARNATION has steadily become one of the leading lights in Malaysian heavy metal.

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Track Name: My Majestic Homicide
What a sight for these sore eyes
Welcome to my grand homicide
Shall I sing to you, your fucking swan song
Any last words before we get this shit on?

You are the perfect kind of victim
Just too perfect to be alive
So be ready to entertain me
I will enjoy watching you bleed.

Forgive me for the lack of sympathy
I can’t ever ignore the malice within me
It’s going viral, I suck it in
(Behold my majestic homicide).

Bring it.

Let’s keep it low
Bow down and you will know
Open yourself to this death toll
Let’s do it slow
This pain ain’t gonna let you go
Bring this shit around to your death toll.

Forgive me for the lack of sympathy
I can’t ever ignore the malice within me
It’s going viral, I suck it in.

Hold the line


Track Name: Barricade
Hold this barricade.

Here comes the enemy
Hold on to your ground
We will not be forsaken.

Within this flesh
Our pride shall not fade
We will not be forgotten.

The order has risen
Bigger than what you could imagine
It’s our last fucking stand.

Face your fears
We will bleed as one
Let’s ride together
And face the wrath of the storm.

Who we are
We’re bound together
We are the barricade
Hold this barricade.
Track Name: Seismic Chaos
This notion, transpired by the pulse of the earth
The dust shall be the witness
And every man’s sorrow shall be born once again.

Tragedies inspired by every bit of greed
Can we withstand this calamity?
What is our deed?
Today we will bleed.

The reality is near
Hope is no longer here
Embrace the sign within you
Condemned and despair.

Hear the earth thumping. Fear is now rising.
The reality is near. Hope no longer empower.

What we are craving for
Is just a silver lining
Put the light on forgiveness
On the day of reckoning.
Track Name: Pulse
Track Name: Ruined
Fragments of ruins reflects our failure
But I'm holding on
As time passes by we grow stronger, we will not falter
Rise from this failure that we’ll soon forget
Reclaim what was taken
Reclaim what was taken from us.

Burn - they will burn tonight
March - there’s no turning back
Strike - with no regrets
Die - the killing is now

The shadow of the past seems forever last
Our enemies are bound to come back for more
Paint a picture of their fear
One damn beautiful picture.

Vengeance, never dies within mortality
This is the time to tell the world
Who we really are.

We will not forget the past, who we really are
And today we shall be remembered
Today is the day, we claim what was taken
The victor shall stand forever.

Rise - they will burn tonight.
Track Name: The Provocateur
This whisper
Splintering my mind
Deluding me into the unknown
Unbalanced between the truth and lies.

Is this some kind of purpose?
Frail my very rationale
Sinking me into this betrayal.

Damn this
I can’t do nothing
Paralyzed in this shit.

Damn this
Will I do nothing?
Reprieve is what I seek.

The truth within me shall not falter.

Hypnotic eyes
Disarm my senses
Converging me with all this hatred
Dissolute my compassion to pieces.

What have I become?
Coalesce with the darkness?
Ripping me out to become the betrayer.

Bring it.

This is not the end
I will seek my devotion
I will seek my escape.

Will this be the end?
Will I ever find my affection?
Will I ever find my freedom?

My hands are bind but my heart is free
Will I ever see the truth?
Will I ever find the reason?
Track Name: Solitary State
Desolation seized the very end of man
Forged a system, ridicule our existence
So illusive, yet to be known
Hiding behind our own denial.

Astounded by some fucking lies
From our own pathetic pride
Believing those you think are right
You think this is right?

This fortuneteller shit
It’s ringing everyday
Cynic words corrupting us
Still we accept it with the richest smile
In your fucking face.

Astounded by some fucking lies
From our own pathetic pride
Believing those you think are right
You think this is right?

We are walking in solitude
Let us see the sky and cry again
We are walking in solitude
Put your hands together and pray again.

I am the shadow of shadows
I am the black under grey
I am the meridian
And the death of them all.